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How your Realtor is helping You!

The days of putting a sign in the yard and pricing a home at your dream price are over.  So here is a list of things your Realtor can be helping you feel better about paying that insane sales commission 1.  By doing a little research they should be

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Grand Junction Westfield Indiana Office Retail Space Real Estate

1200 Sqft Office Space in Westfield Indiana just Southwest of the Grand Junction Redevelopment

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Is a decent community garden too much to ask for?

To start, I am not asking our wonderful city to in any way spend money or time on this.  Unfortunately in times like these we first look to our governments to facilitate local activities and thats just not the point of this. One of the great joys of

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Real Estate For College

I read this morning that Federal Student loans are in danger and some banks have even ended their loan programs for college kids.  How are kids that really want to go to college and get a professional degree going to finance their education?  Maybe through real estate!

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Don’t Drop The Wrong Name

At a recent dinner party that I was hosting, as usual I found myself getting to know the one stranger in the room.  One of my “tactics” is to find a common interest and see what things we can talk about.  A way of doing this is

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I really like your input

I am always amazed at how much professional adults do not like what you have to say about what they do.  When you own your own company and interact with so many people its one of the main things your going to hear.  Criticism!  Large companies spend

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