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Westfield Indiana was ranked by Money Magazine today as the 18th best City to Live and we could not be more proud.  8 years ago my wife and I decided to move to Westfield for several reasons but we had no idea we would grow to love this community and begin to create such deep roots in the process.  We have gone on to have 2 kids and start a Real Estate company here that focuses on Westfield Real Estate and SR32 land as a niche.  After the news today I decided to create my own list of 18 things I love about Westfield that I think rank it even higher on the list.  So enjoy and if your ever in the area, we would love to show you around.

  1. Schools:  With high graduation rates and comfortable class room sizes, Westfields school system can’t be beat.  We have newer schools and are ready to grow with the population
  2. Cost of Living:  Westfields home prices range from $100,000 starter homes to $1 Million + custom homes.  We also have a nice supply of newer apartments that are affordable and safe
  3. Safety:  With a dedicated police force our crime rates have remained extremely low without the feel of many over protected cities.  Our police department started a new program in 2012 that allowed a select few in the community to go through the Westfield Citizens Academy and put the citizens in the seat of the police officers.
  4. Roy Hadley Park:  Westfield was quick to recognize a need for parks and public spaces, so they took a prime location at the NW corner of SR32 and Union St to make a comfortable and clean place to hang.
  5. Midland Trace Bridge:  Westfield is a frugal city(that may surprise you) and found a great use for a damaged bridge at the Bridgewater Club.  They were able to re-purpose the high priced overpass and place it along the Midland Trace.  This solved an expensive and boggling problem of how to move the trail over a federal waterway.
  6. Mufflers and More:  What was once a filthy auto shop that was run by a great family that built up a tremendous small business, became not only a talking point for redevelopment but a sore spot for the downtown.  But the City and DWA were able to make a good temporary use out of it, paving it for parking to serve the local merchants.
  7. 46062:  Dare to be different!!  Westfield has so many zip codes and boundaries it confuses even the seasoned road man I am.  But just to be a bit different we are able to maintain several different names and zip codes, but all operating under the name of Westfield.  Our Mayor actually lives in Carmel which makes me laugh.
  8. Montgomery Aviation:  Our city has access to a beautiful executive airport.  On any day you can go watch private jets and hobby planes fly in and out.  As well as take flying lessons or make it home to your personal aircraft.  The airport also holds several community days throughout the year.
  9. Realtors:  Over the past 4 years of business I have enjoyed a virtual Open Market for My Real Estate business.  Not one time has a Realtor or Broker said to me that Westfield Indiana Real Estate was their Target Market as well and this has been a boon to myself.  This will surely change, but We pride ourselves on taking that risk and knowing that this was going to grow into a fantastic community.
  10. Acorn Farms:  In the middle of this little city trying to grow is a private property owned by Jill and Mic Mead.  Acorn Farms now serves as a personal refuge and antique store but through the years has been a meeting spot, boy scout adventure and a rather famous summer camp.
  11. Checkers Table:  Did you know that at the top of the sledding hill at Simon Moon Park is a table with a permanent checkers board.  Just bring your pieces and a friend and  sit atop the city playing some time away
  12. Grand Park:  400 acres of Aw Yeah!!  This park will be the national model for outdoor sports in a community.  With Henke Development at the lead, 2014 will host families from all over the country and surely bring tourists into our humble little city
  13. Roundabout Art:  Even though I still don’t know what it is, there is a sculpture in the roundabout at 151st and Carey Rd.  Many communities look for recognizable and prestigious artwork, but Westfield went with a local artist and a lot of character choosing this piece.  Being colorful and a little different attracts those looking for something a little different.
  14. Fresh Veggies:  Newby is a local farmer that single-handedly satisfies our local farm fresh cravings.  From fresh corn to firewood, it just seems to have just enough at just the right time.
  15. Greyhound Pass:  Oh yeah, they don’t claim us yet..
  16. Around the World:  Shielded by rows of trees and farm land is Beauchamp’s Antiques.  Beauchamps is a world renowned antique dealing family that calls Westfield home.  Providing local well to do’s and designers with old world furniture and decor, right here in Downtown Westfield.
  17. WeCan:  Westfield as a city recognized early on the lack of communication between neighborhoods themselves and city leaders.  So at the risk of creating a city wide grip session, Mayor Cook and the Council regularly hose an open meeting for citizens to bring their neighborhood concerns to the forefront.
  18. Future:  A blank canvas as it has been described.  Westfield’s future is maybe a little predestined but its also open for everyone’s input.  With the Hamilton County growth pattern as it is, Westfield has no choice but to endure the natural growth.  What’s great is the opportunity to create a world class city that people from all over want to enjoy, but locals want to be proud to stick around.  We can’t wait to see what is to come.

So as you may have figured out I appreciate this community and wish nothing but the best in its future.  And as the City grows and opportunists emerge, we will see many great things happen and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as me and my family have.