It seems like we have gone from the time of trying to convince Realtors that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were the next space to advertise and expand our reach to now where we are seeing a large number use and abuse the platforms. Just getting a new agent to commit to one platform like Facebook was exhausting and frustrating in the same because it seems so easy and fail proof in the beginning. But with time and evolution comes the need for change as well as the need to clean up what may be taken as sloppy posts or the same old same old Realtor shares. I am from the school that any activity on social media is good activity but as we become more and more flooded with sales and marketing through these pages we need to stream line and protect our audiences from overload and give them the engagement that makes each of us stand out from the typical agent. So below I am breaking down 3 “formerly known as” great social media posts that need to be stomped on and thrown in the trash.

1. Overtagging – We all love to get tagged in a post or given credit for something throughout the day by someone else. Nowadays we have personal and business pages that become blurry and crowded in a post. On Facebook we see someone share a post while tagging the business, each person they know at the business and checking in at the business. Its too much. If its a professional service that a company has provided, tag that company and if there is 1 person in that organization that stands out from the pact, give them credit. But tagging anyone that may have had anything to do with anything in the post and each of their businesses and so on is not only weak but its annoying. We will gladly share personally a good plug for our business if given the opportunity.

2. Fake News – No not the news that we are hearing about constantly on tv but instead fake news about your business or how amazing a spring you are having. Realtors are always having to stay top of mind and give the perception that they are the number one choice for a home buyer or seller, but over bragging about client lists and sales looks desperate and most likely the exact opposite. Posting at a real live closing table or while completing an interesting task is a great way to stay top of mind but explaining to everyone that “the market is hot” and how busy you are is a hard thing to swallow. Just be honest and professional and remember not to over tag.

3. Be a Business, Be a Person – If you have “- Realtor” after your name on Facebook you probably can not be taught here but knowing the difference between a company and personal post is key. They should be spoken from different stances and to different audiences. A business page should post information professionally and pertains to anyone that may visit or follow that page. A personal page should share parts of that but be the human side to connect with your friends, family and clients. Cute and inside joke posts on a business page may offend or turn off a future client while it is more then appropriate on a personal page. Think about the last time a major brand posted something that was not general or widespread information? It doesn’t happen and its the perfect opportunity for you to use your personal page to be a human and fun.

Remember Social Media is supposed to create an experience and line of communication that is fairly new to all of us. Evolving and becoming better at it is the key to not getting blocked and finding a way to engage your current and future clients one post at a time. Stop and think about who you are connecting with as a Realtor and how you can have the greatest impact for your personal brand. Good luck and remember to have fun.


wkrp indy real estate Curt has been in the Indianapolis Real Estate business for nearly 10 years.  He spent his first years learning all aspects of commercial management and brokerage.  He has had great success in managing several existing projects and new developments.  Curt specializes in tenant/owner lease deals and purchases in Westfield Indiana.  Although he has worked throughout the Indianapolis Metro area on many transactions, his passion is growing his local Westfield community.