WKRP Indy 5 Senses of Real Estate

We are in the experience business.  Creating a 3-D situation for someone to be blown away by and not only to be intrigued but make the largest financial decision most of them will make their entire life.  So why do we not take this seriously?  As professional Realtors we need to continuously be re-evaluating and applying our best judgement to creating this amazing experience to our clients.  Here are the five senses and what they mean to your Real Estate sales.  So from this blog on you may look at that Apple Pie a little differently.

1.  Sight – The first impression we talk about so often.  This not only applies to the Real Estate but our image.  There is no limit to how nice we present ourselves but there can be a minimum.  Realtors can be casual by all means but need to be neat and clean.  Pressed clothing and business casual should be the least you try to impress a new client.  I always tried to dress the way my clients dressed, but now use a standard polo shirt, jeans and sneakers uniform.  Its not dressy but its clean and professional.  Later in our relationship I may wear the hoodie but upfront I need to impress.  We should also have great hygiene and somewhat styled hair, if you have it.  This is a minimum and then we must focus on the house.  The house as usually should be neat, tidy and ready to show.

2.  Taste – Remember that Apple Pie?  There is a reason we serve desserts at open houses and thats because everyone is happier with some dessert.  And nothing says welcome home like the taste of apple pie.  When presenting a house for sale, offer up snacks or something that will make them feel happy as they tour the home.  Cupcakes, cookies, chocolates or even Apple Pie are all great options.

3.  Smell – I have never sold a house that smelled bad.  Not to a retail buyer at least.  And this goes for us too.  Realtors should be sure a house smells perfect and inviting.  Warm and fresh.  And the one thing that you will always have the worst feedback from is Cigarette Smoke.  Imagine a client walks into an exciting new listing with great pictures online priced right and in their ideal neighborhood, then they smell the smoke!  Whether its in the garage or living room, they smell it and typically are going to want to look elsewhere.  Realtors should also realize this.  The clients can always tell that you smoked on the drive over or just stepped back in from a quick puff.  It’s true, it’s unappealing and it’s unprofessional.  Take the time to rid your listing of foul odors and keep yourself smelling nice and pleasant.

4.  Hearing – Let the Curt Jokes begin!  Hearing and sounds at a showing can be just as vital as any other sense.  People want calm and serene in their future home.  Cars zooming by or a squeaky floor tend to be noticed fairly quickly so we must do our best to fix these.  When listing a home for instance, be sure to point out to the owner any sounds that may be unpleasant to a potential buyer and work to combat them.  Would more landscaping or heavier drapes block the traffic?  Would a couple of screws in the subfloor fix the squeak?  Pay special attention to these things and be aware of the negative impact they can have.

5.  Touch – While this is probably these least impacted sense in Real Estate it should be treated as important as the other 4.  Clients touch things during showings and Realtors need to be ready for this.  I like to carry paper towels and a mild cleaner to wipe countertops and even door handles if needed.  People rub granite and it should not have grease splatters or juniors breakfast remnants on it.  Also, pay attention to how doors open and drawers glide.  Buyers will definitely notice a hinged door or a kitchen drawer off track.  So test these things and be prepared.  If you are not the listing agent, provide these things as feedback so they can make the next showing as appealing.

While these are my opinion they are also formed from endless feedback and my own failures.  We are selling a very large product and making great money doing it so shouldn’t we do our best to look like it?