Nothing wrong with buying a pre-existing home but with todays super competitive climate and idea of your home being an investment slowing, building a new home to your needs just makes alot of sense. So I list….

1. Value-New home builders have to stay competitive with re sale homes and they will always attempt to offer similar product at similar price. All brand new!

2. Selection-New homebuilders let you select just about every square inch of your new home and they have nice basic styles. From the carpet to the counter tops, these are things that you will want to change in a pre existing home but won’t have to in new.

3. Location-New homes are being built all over, but in the midwest they tend to be near newer shopping centers and the best new retail concepts. Moving into a newer area sure beats an older one going through an unfortunate transition.

4. Easy-It is really easy to build a new home. You pick a neighborhood, price range, model and then your finishing touches. After that you let the experts complete the build and you can focus on growing grass past the front porch.

5. Modern-National home builders spend a gazillion dollars finding out new layouts and designs that fit todays lifestyles. Then they take those to your local neighborhoods for sale at a great price.

6. Timing-Building a home can take 6 or more months to complete and many of us have to take care of our own business prior to moving. Building can give you time to sell or prepare your finances for a smoother close.

6.5 Everyone loves new-Carpet, paint and bathrooms all come un used and free of other peoples icky-ness. When you build a home, other than the paint crew and punch out team, you are typically the first to use any of it.

Building a home may not be the best choice for everyone but it sure makes sense to many. If you have any questions or want to know more about a particular builder, shoot us a note.