I don’t think many people are actually Accidental Landlords and hope that no one Accidentally becomes a building owner with tenants, but to think of it as a secondary business is key.  Owning and operating a business today is hard enough and adding onto that the idea of managing Real Estate can be downright overwhelming.  But most entrepreneurs are not thinking about these headaches as something to avoid, but instead challenges to solve and leverage a little smarts and effort to do something better then before.

So the meat of this is Pay Yourself Rent and Evict As You Grow.  I am saying just that to over buy and sub lease the excess space to other businesses until you need that space.  Or its the old duplex model of living on one side while the other side pays your mortgage.  Simple and it works.  This model is back and working harder then ever as smart banks are seeing owner occupants as great loans as well as a cash flow property as an even better risk.  So we will study this model and show you how every $1000 of monthly rent you are paying could be turned into passive income, depreciation, equity and straight up positive cash flow.  Making your entrepreneurial drive pay off over and over again, beyond your day to day growth.