Got your house for sale?  A few simple points to follow and you will make your life on the Market go a bit smoother and hopefully make this big transaction a great transaction.  If you do not know your alphabet, feel free to replace letters with numbers or symbols.  Good luck!

A.  Allow Showings-I know you have kids, pets, jobs and all the other stuff that makes our life hectic.  But you have your house for sale and for someone to fall in love with it, it must be available to show.   Plan out a reasonable schedule that you can stick to throughout the week and be ready to sell that house.

B.  Be Realistic-Your house can’t make every buyer happy.  The reality is that finding the perfect buyer can be tough, so don’t get discouraged when a looker doesn’t make an offer.

C.  Clean-You have never cleaned like you need to clean during a listing period.  Keep that house showing ready and if your gone all day and expect someone to want a tour, leave it clean.  It’s alot of work but will payoff when the buyers appreciate your attention to detail.

D.  Do Your Homework-Go visit your competition.  If the house down the road is having an Open House, visit it.  Tell the agent who you are and compare yourself to them as objectively as possible.  Make a list of pros and cons between the two and make adjustments as needed.

E.  Expect Nothing-Your house may not show right away and it may not get an offer as quickly as you would like.  But that doesn’t mean the buyer is not right around the corner.  Be patient and lean on your listing agent to make your property as findable, show-able and attractive as possible.

This is a short list but by applying it to the time you begin to sell your home all the way up to closing, you will be miles ahead of your neighbor.  Happy Selling!