Received a phone call today from a potential client and am looking forward to pursuing their interest in real estate.  But the impression that was made on me was after about 30 minutes of chatting over the phone about land and sites available on #SR32, was his comment.  He said “I appreciate you being an expert in your market!”  Well aren’t we supposed to know what we are selling.  While I may not be the only and greatest resource for real estate deals along SR32 in Westfield, I do continually strive to learn and be more knowledgeable than the next guy.  Sometimes the only thing  that will set me apart from the competition is information. An old mentor of mine always use to say, “the player with the best information makes the best deal”.  Well how true that is and how powerful it is to have that theory in my head.  I want my clients to see the difference between shopping for property on an as needed basis and marketing every piece of property to the right buyer.  We in real estate need to be diligent on what we are selling and what “they” are looking for.  Not just chasing that commission.  Hopefully, you are the Expert in your business.