soneI normally would not write about someone dying and I surely would not want to pull any of the attention away from a great loss, but I am and hopefully it might bring a little insight into my feelings that we truly lost one of the great ones today.

While I may not know Sone Everts as closely as I would like I am well aware of her effects on me and the people around me.  Mrs. Everts was an original and one of the last “Old School” types.  She knew her way and had an idea on what yours might be.  When I first met my new roommates Mom she and her husband Dave pulled into our driveway slowly in the sedan looking for something positive and something that looked like progress from the previous homes of their son.  Immediately I knew that they were the real deal and within a few second Mrs. Everts had given me some signal of sincere interest in me and my life.  Mrs. Everts was kind, loving, understanding and parental all in one big smile to everyone.  I was hooked!!  She was the explanation of why I was so related to her son Chad.  Chad was a product of her and what I didn’t know was that there was an entire clan that had developed under her watch and stood out from the normal family crowd.

Over time we began to visit the Everts home and spending  birthdays and special occasions with Chad’s family.  Mrs. Everts was always softly at the helm, assuring everyone of an expectation not to be crossed but also to be enjoyed.  Sone was obviously in charge but she had created a family that was about respect and putting the family first.  She was not influenced by culture or fads but led with an old fashioned style.  She showed commitment way beyond anything my generation knows and demands respect the way we would only expect from someone that leads.  But she did it all with love and a grin.  Mrs. Everts always gave me a friendly giggle or a sideways laugh, not to approve but to give the attention younger people don’t understand or see.  She may have disagreed but never put you down even though she knew you were wrong.  She had a warmth and acceptance that only a parent could have but never confused your opinion with her beliefs.  She was great!

My friend Chad is a direct result of Mrs. Everts and proudly so.  As much as he would love to be the problem solving weekend piddler like his amazing Dad, he is an endearing friend to all.  He listens long before he speaks, only like Sone did.  He cares about your life just like Sone did and most of all he is committed to what he wants and will do, just like Sone was. He is especially committed to you.   Mrs. Everts was the true definition of commitment and if I take anything from her, it is that she stayed true to exactly what she meant to.  Mrs. Everts made a vow and she followed through as good as anyone.  This is Chad and he got this from her.

I enjoyed knowing Mrs. Everts for over a decade and feel like she knew me.  As much as I want this to be about a loss, it’s really about a gain.  All of us were able to spend a little bit of time under the watch of Sone.  Learning and following a true example of the way our world should be and a small glimpse of it still being that way.  Mrs. Everts will be missed but she left the world with a family full of her best qualities and loving us all, within a few seconds of meeting them.  I can only thank her for sharing a little bit of it with me and the people I love.  You are missed!