We read everyday about the real estate market and depending on which paper you read, the opinion could go either way.  Unfortunately, I think they are all a little true.  None of has the real answer to what will happen next and none of us can tell you why its doing something now.  The only thing I think can be said is that the traditional real estate process is over and the game is changing.  I have been given a gift of “lack of process” in the sense that no one perspective and technique was taught to me and I am not buying into a particular companies program.  The thought that you can list, price and market a property successfully anymore is a crap shoot.  The buyers already know what they want and know that they will get it at their price, eventually.  What I am taking from this is that someone is going to win and that’s the person that’s willing to retire the old standards and take real estate to a new level.  Yes, we will always have a need from commercial, retail, office and residential marketing.  But, not in the way we have known especially with everyone online presence overpowering any storefront activity.  So, what does the future hold for real estate people?  I don’t know but I do know that it’s not the same and it never will be.  I know that a huge number of agents are quiting and going on to things that make more sense.  But not me, I am determined to figure this out and help change the game.  Jump in!