I continue to be blown away by the new technology being created to help with day to day tasks and efficiencies, but the lack of effort the typical agent puts into it. Would a painter not practice using a new brush before applying it to a wall or would a coder just publish the first edition to a page? No so why are Realtors so slow to make tech a priority and what will it take to recognize that?

I read the other day from the largest brokerage in Indiana that we need to stop focusing on technology and get back to relationship building, because that is why a realtor is slow. What a joke! The reason a Realtor may be slow is probably not because they are using technology but that they are using it wrong. The majority of buyers and seller want their agent to be high tech and ahead of them for sure. The excuse that you can’t build a relationship because of technology may be true in a few instances but as a consumer, the service side of the relationship may be important but the ability to get me what I need as efficiently as possible trumps all. Below are 3 items I think Realtors need to think about before they stop focusing on Tech and blaming it for a slow in business.
1. The clients are using the technology whether you know it or not-90% of buyers are using the internet to search for a home. That means they are sharing that search to you most likely by internet. If you require a lesser form of communication I think your already behind the curve. Use what your clients use….
2. You can’t sell a house-With so many buyers using the web to chose homes, why are we not focusing on that as apposed to silly actions that don’t work. Go out to your listings and be sure they are searchable, sharable and appealing to look at from all devices. Publish and promoting are what Realtors do, we don’t sell anything…
3. Transactions are not dictated by my vehicle-Reesio, Zipforms, Docusign, PDF, and Dropbox ring a bell? They were designed to create a seamless flow of information between buyers and sellers to avoid unnecessary time delays and disorganization. HOW IS THIS KEEPING YOU FROM BEING BUSY? Not only should every agent have them, but they should take the time to be experts in them. This is the new data for us to be protective of, the ability to know how and use these technologies better then the next guy.

In no way am I against personal relationships and street time but to blame the greatest tool we have for building a business is a joke and its time Realtors take the time to figure that out.