wkrp indy grand park

Well here we go! The City Council in Westfield is up for election and each of them have begun to take positions, defending past decisions and pointing fingers at future plans. It seems as though every single race we ever witness is about the same things and both sides really say the same things, over and over again. As a 38 year old Independent that puts little value in the political system and thinks if there is any place to make a difference its at the local level, I wish that the candidates stopped and looked at what weight they really carried. I would hope that they were not doing this for prestige or spite and especially as a pawn for someone else cause. I can only hope that they are working hard to become elected because they think that they are able to do the same job a little bit better then the other candidate and for the fact that a community relies on them to make good decisions as a whole. So looking forward to the bickering and blame, I have a dream of 5 things that I could only hope that a candidate with show over the next months to become a great City Councilman for Westfield Indiana.

1. Vision – Having a vision for 10, 20 and 30 years from today is what we need. We cannot go back and change things but we can be great tomorrow and coming up with a plan to make that vision happen is a start. I want the old guard constantly shook up and turned over for a new look at the current plan. Building a team is one thing but creating a monster that can’t see past the current plan is scary to me.

2. Character – Politicians are not known for character in my book but thats what I want and its not unheard of. I want a candidate that doesn’t sling poo, but pitches solutions. The easiest tactic is the blame game and its also the least commendable in my eyes. A candidate that shows respect and focus, for the community, will get my vote.

3. Investment – Our little growing community is on the verge of having a really nice tax base, due in part to the Grand Park sports complex and what we do with that is charge number 1. A candidate that can provide clearly thought out ideas to re-invest that revenue into the community for long term success is just what we need. Hiding from risk and pulling back from the spending a city must do to grow will get a councilor nowhere but smart timely investments can be the key to success.

4. Drama – I can’t stand the backstabbing, manipulation and trouble making made by either side. Unfortunately, certain members of council and candidates find their best time spent, spreading false information and catering to the naysayers of any project. I want a candidate to have the same answer in every room and every platform. It would be great if all councilors and candidates had the nerve to honestly make decisions based on facts and figures and not based on rumors and theories. We have to be precise and smart to win.

5. Diversity – I am tired of 60 year old white guys running everything. I want these candidates to understand that Westfield has changed and will continue to change as a demographic. The viewpoint of a 60 year old retired white guy is sure a lot different then mine and I am most of those. We have race, age, gender and cultures to consider as we develop and thinking outside the chambers should would be a breath of fresh air.

Listen I am not even sure voting matters at this point but pushing to get results that make a difference in our own daily lives is important. A community like Westfield’s will always grow and prosper but we have the opportunity to be great and provide something that sustains itself for many generations as it stands. New, Old or all the same the council needs to be held accountable for a communities needs and do their best to look past their political wants. ¬†Many of the candidates are my friends and colleagues and I wish them all the best in this contest.