Realtors, there is no better feeling then having a strong spring and summer as a Real Estate broker. Whether you sold more houses then usual or burned through a bunch of new listings, but to be ahead as you go into fall is the ultimate goal. And its also the ultimate Handicap. As we all know, Real Estate will always be cyclical and what may have been a killer first half of year the second half can turn pretty bad pretty quickly.

So I have always spent a lot of time planning my fall/winter business and doing a few extra things to make sure it may not be so drastic between the busiest months and the slower months. I have always accepted that Holidays and Weather can play a role in business but there are so many things you can do to keep the sales flowing in and making those crazy events a bit more enjoyable.

Marketing – Now is the time to be reaching out to past and current clients to gain new leads. You have time to continue selling to the people that have already hired you and by doing so its the swiftest way to a next transaction. So continue to brand yourself and services to those people in your circle and position yourself as the go-to person for referrals and sales. But the last thing you want to do is sit back now and burn through the success that you have had.

Communicate – People like to learn and people like to engage. Take the time to create ways to “talk” to your client list and future clients through email campaigns, messaging or other direct means. Push pertinent information to these people that look to you as a resource and keep the cycle of business moving forward. Many times we stop doing the daily things that go along with a long term business and communicating to our audience is one. Set up a schedule, commit to it and work.

Hustle – Ya you made good money this summer and your caught up, but it drys up real quick. Name a large business that stops hustling after a strong quarter? They don’t. They have new initiatives and leverage trends and seasons to push more product. We have to think the same way. Realtors have to still go door-to-door picking up listings and we still have to network and meet new people. Don’t wait for the bank account to be low before you begin to work hard again because the time between no customer and a closing can be a nightmare so a steady work ethic is the key to success.

Its a year-round struggle to stay ahead in the Real Estate business but with good worth ethics and a little drive, you can have fewer ups and downs throughout th year. Good luck