As each day gets more and more confusing on who what or when a deal can be done I have set up a few steps that will make it a bit less complicated to buy a property. By doing these things first you will already be a mile ahead of the game and will possibly even close on a purchase.

1. Get pre-qualified for real-By contacting a real mortgage lender you will know how and how much you can afford. I would start by asking for a referral to a lender that CLOSES many referrals loans. The last thing you want is to go through the buying process only to be told you can’t buy at this time. Yes this has happened to many of us.

2. Ask your Realtor to set you up an auto search in the blc. Give them feedback on the results to ensure it is looking for your dream home 24/7. This sends you a regular email about interesting properties.

3. Begin to look for homes on You know what you like so start looking in the price range determined by your lender and forward them to your agent. This is not a gimme necessarily. Most agents are good at creating value whether its on price advice or terms of a sale, so use them.

4. When your lender asked you for information to qualify for a loan you passed on a ton of papers. Organize and keep those in a handy folder. If you can, put them in a free Dropbox file for sharing.

5. Know a timeline-Even though we can not give you a set date to move in, we can establish a timeline of upcoming events to be sure that the close is as efficient as possible. Be sure your agent is responding to all steps including inspections reports, counter offers and needed repairs. Tell them if you need more attention and they will love you for it.

6. Make and receive lots of calls-The sales cycle of a home is a long time so you will hopefully be “best friends” by the end of a deal. Daily emails, phone calls and texts are expected in Real Estate. Your agent should be communicating daily and not “missing” information. Nothing is wrong with asking questions and expecting a response. So call, email or text!! Often!!

7. Relax-This is a huge deal and your largest commitment in life many times. But, remember that lenders, agents and closing companies all want you to close a deal. While it seems like there should be a quick; find, offer and close process, its not. Things are going to come up but by hiring a trusted Realtor, lender and title company you are going to be just fine.

Hopefully this can make your buying easier and less stressful. And if you take a few simple steps it can move along as quickly as possible. Good luck and We Love Your Moves!