We have so many things to be grateful for in our great little City of Westfield Indiana and as we charge into a new year 2021 there are many ways to be involved.  We have had to change formats and ways to connect due to Covid but frankly I think we are getting along fairly well.  What I want to write about are a few ways to be involved in our community as we grow and a few places that need volunteers and input to improve.  I have sat on several boards and commissions and each time I am involved I find a way to improve professionally as well as a sense of satisfaction being a part of a bigger project.  So lets get out of our jammies and out of our offices and see where our resources and expertise can play a part in the future.  Below are a few of my favorite places to be involved.  

Downtown Westfield Association – The DWA has played an important role over the past decade establishing an HOA of sorts of the downtown of Westfield.  It meets regularly to organize events, advocate for downtown businesses and offer guidance for new development through the Grand Junction Task Group.  The DWA’s main event is putting on the Dinner Party on Union which raises tens of thousands of dollars annually for downtown projects including the Westfield Playhouse.   This is a volunteer group which can require a couple hours a month or in the case of an event some extensive planning meetings. 

Grand Junction Task Group – The GJTG was formed as a group of volunteers to plan and guide new development in the downtown area.  Projects like the Grand Junction Plaza were vetted as well as master planning and reviewing new private development all happen under the structure of this group.  The group spent many years designing the plaza but now mostly looks at new developments presented by private developers before they go before the city council.  They are looking for the task groups recommendation to bring to council for support of the project.  This group meets on an as needed basis and is typically weekdays for an hour or so.  We are presented with a project and have the opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions to meet the expectations of the downtown.  

Westfield Chamber of Commerce – The chamber has many opportunities to be involved and its limitless the amount of time you could volunteer.  The chamber puts on weekly events as well as several monthly and annual projects that require many volunteer hours from the community.  I think every local business should find a place in the chamber as it really is the focal point of business in a community and its a great way to know whats going on.  I enjoy volunteering at the golf outing each year just to make myself available as extra hands.  There are luncheons, awards and other events annually that could always use a little extra help.

City Meetings – I don’t know a better place to know whats going on as a whole then our city meetings.  They are raw and insightful and open to anyone that wants to attend.  Currently they are being streamed on Youtube but the agendas are published weekly and they include links to each issue being discussed.  There is a regular Council meeting, planning meeting and zoning board that I find fascinating.  They are all public and most of them streamed live regularly.   If you want to know whats happening in the field across the street or where the school money goes, these are the meetings to attend. 

So whether you are looking for a way to take a small step in being involved or wanting to plug in and help drive an organizations success there is always a way to get started.  As always I am glad to help connect and offer any insight I may have.