Cheesy Agent

The days of putting a sign in the yard and pricing a home at your dream price are over.  So here is a list of things your Realtor can be helping you feel better about paying that insane sales commission

1.  By doing a little research they should be able to give you a good price range for your house compared to others in the area.  Question them, but trust them!

2.  Your 5 year old appliances are not considered “updates” so they add little value.  The list of things you thought were adding to the sales price of your house is shrinking and they should share that with you.

3.  They should be an expert on something.  A community, a type of house, a price range or a sale type will work, but they need to show that they are willing to put in the effort to become an expert on a particular topic and apply it to your Real Estate.  For example I specialize in Westfield Indiana.   Generalists are lame!

Side Note:  If they have every city and town in the state listed as their area of work, I’d ask for examples.  Lots of Fluff!!

4.  Do they talk about Social Media?  Not only should your property be discoverable on various SM, they should be doing research on there.  Its the greatest source of learning while out in the field and without it they are wasting your time.

5.  Are they marketing your property or a dream house that doesn’t exist.  BS descriptions and bad panoramic photos are a fluke and buyers are turned off by them.  Market the property as it is and its true amenities.  Ask to see their description and if the 3rd bedroom its called expansive or the word “boasts” appears anywhere, call them on it.

Now, get that home on the market with a good strong listing at a great price and sell it.