I am always amazed at how much professional adults do not like what you have to say about what they do.  When you own your own company and interact with so many people its one of the main things your going to hear.  Criticism!  Large companies spend millions of dollars for your opinion and the results are terrible.  But to be able to do something, get feedback and immediately make an adjustment is a gift.  I can’t wait to hear how a particular process of mine isn’t working, just for the fact I won’t be wasting my time on it anymore and I can focus on the things that work.  And for someone to tell me in plain English that this is what gets “our” attention, that is money in the bank.  My customers are the food on my table and if I am not responding to what they want or will potentially need, I become irrelevant.  AND THEN I AM OUT OF BUSINESS!!  So take an opinion or suggested as needed and remember that these are the people that sell and buy your product.  I can’t make a living keeping myself happy.  And by understanding that I will be happier.