I was reading the IndyStar this morning and it had an article about the lack of good properties available for baby boomers and the shortage we will have down the road.  What I am wondering is, are we still fooling ourselves into thinking that selling a house at a profit and moving to the smaller more efficient house is possible?  Maybe not.  Baby boomers in general bought there homes years ago and have gained some equity in the home, if they don’t own it outright.  This is the key to selling, being able to take less for a home and still make money.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with this scenario.  At WKRP Indy my intention was to create a full-service real estate company for small business owners that not only helped them with their personal home, but also with the space they had the family business.  Now I am not saying that I am an expert in the home sales process but to be wise enough to understand the need and to know what great resources are available will serve my clients very well.  I see a need for someone to be a professional advisor in all small business owners real estate and not just a listing agent.  To show them what the next stage in their real estate lives could be as well as helping them create value for the next generation.  So as we see a need and challenges to go along with it, we as small business owners need to be sure we are aligning ourselves to be ready and able to serve our clients.  Bang!