I feel like Realtors are being dishonest!

I go to meeting after meeting and read study after study generated by local and national real estate professionals that is telling us that if you list your house it will sell, because “they” have buyers.  I call B.S.!  If I was a seller right now I would be a bit nervous to subscribe to that theory and it is not because of pessimism or lack of faith in the market.  It is because it’s just not true.  If “they” had buyers, there would be a knock on your door or a post card in the mail.  If “they” had buyers the other 3 homes on the street would have sold and the seller would be bragging about how much money they made at closing.  But it’s just not that cut and dry.

Here is what I think

  • I think there are a few buyers and they are great buyers
  • I think there are a few Realtors that are busy and God Bless Us.
  • I think some houses are selling but for a variety of reasons and most Realtors don’t know why
  • I think the houses that are selling have Mack Daddy updates, awesome location, are well maintained and priced to sell
  • I think buyers still have an unbelievable edge on sellers
  • I think that sellers will continue to sit as long as we are upside down on mortgages
  • I think that sellers will continue to sit as long as we don’t have enough equity to upgrade
  • I think that as long as mid level custom home builders stay competitive that resale market will be dead
  • I think that the first question you should ask your agent when picking a list price is what is for sale and whats closed, for how much
  • I think you could sell but at a buyers terms

I am not trying to be negative here but going against the grain of real estate by being honest.  There are great opportunities right now as buyers and there will always be buyers looking for that exact house you are selling.  But, to be sold on the stories of “we have buyers” is asking for disappointment and that’s the last thing our business needs. Ask your agent for an honest assessment of your property, ask questions and cross your fingers.  Now You Go!