Instagram Video for Real Estate

We Love Your Moves

Why am I so excited for Instagrams addition of Video to its application? Because I sell a 3 dimensional object and pictures just don’t tell the entire story. As Realtors fumble around trying to figure out a way to adapt the last five years of social technology into their day, We now have one more option to help sell. That’s right, I sell with my Social Media and have accepted the fact that people may be bothered by that. But with so many cool tools at my fingertips, I can’t help but indulge in the attention it brings my business and direct revenue it ends up being. So……

How will I use this new app? Follow closely
1. Instead of posting a flat boring picture of a cool space, I can now give you a visual description(cutting out the upload time on you tube)
2. I can direct a specific feature in real time to specific groups that will want to have it shared with them
3. People want to see what the neighbors house and common areas look like, fast. I will offer that to them to save them time and give them an honest look at the reality of the property
4. Its fun. Who doesn’t want to hear their favorite Realtor on camera doing short lectures on how great he is?

Thanks for watching.