Your Fired Realtors don’t succeed and most people know this. If you can name a full-time Realtor that makes a living you know a very good Realtor. So why do we not succeed? What are brokers doing about? Why does this job even exist? I have been meeting with local Brokers and keep hearing the same stuff.

1. Realtors don’t treat Real Estate like a small business-You have heard this over and over again that Realtors chase sale after sale but never think past that pending closing date.

2. Lazy-I know it hurts but it is a lazy industry. We initially succeed with friends and family lob balls of sales and then we don’t know how to go from there. Figuring out the difference between selling 5 houses quickly and selling 20 per year regularly is a huge margin and the majority of Realtors can’t put a finger on it.

3. Not selling pain-Great sales people are solution driven advisers that have a knack for making you need them. Today’s agent is still selling an old fashioned pain that does not exist anymore. INFORMATION is no longer a struggle to obtain. So what pain did your Realtor sooth?

4. Different World-Sure we can buy into the fact that we always have babies and downsize and want something different, but over the past several years we have bred a very very intelligent market. People don’t buy into the “american dream’ of owning a home that we previously had. Owning a home doesn’t have the same pizzazz it used to among 20 somethings. And Realtors don’t know how to create a market. When was the last time you met an agent that took an unlisted property and sold it to an “on the fence” buyer? Not very often but Zillow, Trulia and FSBO are doing it everyday without a Realtor.

So are you Buying or Selling? Ask hard questions and ask your agent what makes them different than the other 950,000 Realtors around. If they give a different answer, they may be worth hiring.