I spend alot of time with many retailers and business owners.  One thing I see alot of is shifting of blame about a slow season.  Anything from “the economy”, weak product to a poor sales staff.  Well lets not settle for that!  As a business owner if I am not making progress in today’s market the end result is my problem.  Two things that need to be looked at are my product and my end user.  As a Broker I need to be sure I always have a steady stream of buyers and sellers that I can apply my product knowledge to.  If this slows down its either I have not maintained the stream or my product doesn’t work.  And from there I have to make adjustments.  If a small business can not make adjustments with market demand they are gone and that’s not where I want to be.  So that said, I am driven to continue to study my business model and continuously make the needed changes that keep me pertinent and busy.  Otherwise I’m stuck blaming “the economy” or a poor sales staff.  And that would not make sense.