As a Real Estate company owner and broker I need some good news every once in a while and as of late, I think we may be getting some.  Residential sales activity may be terrible but we knew that and expect it to stay that way, excluding low end custom homes on terrific lots.  As for Commercial Space, it seems to be moving more than it was last year and I’m talking about big stuff.  On #SR32 in @CityofWestfield we have several major deals coming along including a nation retailer with a lease and a very large second one determined to find a home.  There are jewelry stores expanding and many service companies looking to move.  I have two major restaurants that would like to move to our small city if there were just space available.  We have medical being built and an enormous #GrandPark development to come.  In a time when business taxes seem high and we are trying to lower our cost of doing business, these things are a sure sign of a strong corridor to come.  @CityofWestfield and @MayorAndyCook have done a terrific job of designing and executing a long term plan for us to capitalize on.  WKRPGO!