8 am- breakfast for three of the hungriest cereal monsters you’ve seen. This is usually how my “work day” gets started. I love it, every minute of the morning conversations and the “so what’re we doing today for summer break” conversations. “I want to pool,” “I want to jump,” “Can we go to Target…”  Well…

We’re going to start with three to four hours on follow ups from the previous days open houses and the wonderful people that took their time to join me and tour my friends and my clients homes. Personal notes to thank them for their time, attention, and revisit the amazing features every home has. Following up with past clients, Updating Listing pictures, descriptions, masterminding the next moves, the next listing, the next buyer….

Then home made lunch for four.

Dryer Repair man should be here between 12-2. He should be here closer to 12, so you hit those other appointments right? Being jailed for two hours of waiting and angst, we start drive way batting practice to burn off that steam, and work on our bunting skills.  200 pitches later and I am wandering am I going to make the next three appointments this afternoon that are in hour increments with 3 separate clients, in 3 separate parts of our wonderful city?? Or will I have to reschedule, moving life and time behind by an hour? Where will that put us?  What does dinner now look like? Where will that come from? Will my arm throw another pitch?

Repair man done, 15 minutes of work, and Out $100.  We nail all three of those appointments. ON time, all four of us, kids and all, DVD’s rocking in the back seat of the Tahoe, while daddy shows/sells homes. Good afternoon for sure.

Dinner for 6. Sure why not, Hotdogs and Burgers on the grill– Ding, (2 seperate offers) while on the grill.

Tennis for the girl. Pick up, drop off, Feed again.

10 PM-Document run to a client with no printing capabilities ( I love Drive time, and techie clients!!)

It’s now midnight… Writing this.

When I get questions like “Real estate is easy, right?” Well, some days are smoother than others, most are like this, just different moves,  and every single one of them you just have to laugh, and know you are doing what you love to provide for those who love you.