We have all had the listing that seemed to drag on for months and months, even years. We ensure our sellers that the buyer is soon to come and with a small price drop and some upgrades its a sure sale. But what, as the awesomest listing agent, do you do to speed the sale process up? Realtors are not known for their long term marketing plans and especially outside the typical BLC input and quick-to-spam email blasts. Here are a couple of tips that can keep your listing fresh but also grab the attention of your buyer much more swiftly.

Pictures: I am a big advocate of new pictures every season change as well as each time an upgrade or furniture change has been made. Your time and ability to do this is what the sellers are paying for so do it and be realistic on what buyers want to see. Spring flowers should be showcased as well as wintry landscape and a warm cozy fireplace in the fall. This is a great reason to become proficient in Real Estate photography and being able to stage, shoot and edit quickly.

Social Media: “What a great time to buy” is not the only thing Realtors are allowed to post. Create vibrant photo albums and sharable pages to spread the word quickly. When sellers see their listing they share it with neighbors, who in turn share it with potential buyers. People buy around people in Real Estate and there is no greater online influence for this then Facebook.

What is selling: Knowing what specifically is selling in a neighborhood is your job, so why don’t you know everything about every recent sale nearby? We all know that granite sells homes quicker then without, so knowing this and sharing the potential results is a must. The best house at the best price always sells first, so keep pace with these homes by studying the market and applying it to your listing.

Listing and selling a home can be very difficult and its not for the lazy. Listing a home goes so far beyond signage and the blc but the best realtors actually do something about it. Work hard for your listings and be an expert at Real Estate marketing, so that you can sell those homes quickly for the most money.