wkrp indy real estateWe list many homes during the winter and in Indiana it tends to be muddy as much as it is cold and snowy.  The trick to listing your house in winter well is planning and focusing on the things that still sell a house.  See below and smile…

1.  Exterior – The outside of every house looks less desirable this time of year but since you planned ahead and took a couple of great photos in the fall, use those.  A great listing agent did this when they caught the slights feeling that you may want to list soon.  Otherwise do you best to spruce up the front yard with a couple of potted flowers and some light photo editing.

2.  Interior – This is what is going to sell your house most likely during the winter months.  They need to be wowed since they had to walk through mud and slush to get to the front door.  Focus on making the house as cozy and inviting as possible with lighting and even candles.  They spent the last 90 seconds commenting on how bad the yard and water feature look so be sure to turn that mood around upon entry.

3.  Don’t be cheap – When a house is listed be ready for the showing.  If  you can not run home to turn lights on and heat up, do so as you leave for the day.  Cold weather and a crappy walk to the front door put buyers on edge, but a warm and comfortable home makes them forget real quick.  If Lowe’s turned off isle lights until a customer was interested, people would be turned away.  Heat and light the house as if you were expecting important guests.

Listing a home takes plenty of planning and hard work.  Rely on your Agent to provide you will tips and suggestions that will make even the greyest of days a good day to sell your house.