Creating a successful Real Estate brand should be job 1 of every new and old Realtor. Teaching people to see you as the first call when they want to talk about Real Estate should be your priority. Giving people the confidence that you can be trusted to handle their largest purchase and investment must be the ultimate goal. But most agents don’t ever get past selling homes to their friends and family which obviously can’t feed a family for very long.  So are you doing what it takes?

13% of Realtors Make it Beyond 5 Years-NAR


  1. Branding – Any decent Brokerage understands that the agent themselves are the brand.  Each person has a following and a reach and rarely does it have anything to do with where they hang their shingle. Realtors must focus on creating a presence in the market that identifies them as the company to chose when making a Real Estate transaction.  Nobody cares what color your logo is and how many race cars you sponsor, as long as you can help them buy and sell Real Estate.  Be Your Own Brand!
  2. Teaching – Turning a stranger into a customer is the difference between the 5th and 6th year in Real Estate.  Realtors must take the time to teach strangers what differentiates them from the crowd.  This takes time and strategy and most of all repetition.  Regular communications to target clients and past customers will make the difference and will also assure them that your number is the first to dial down the road.
  3. Trust – They know about you and they see you as an option but do they trust you?  Realtors have an uphill battle moving people beyond their distrust or bad experience with past agents, so this can be tricky.  Creating a campaign that builds a Realtors reputation including Zillow reviews, Facebook shares and LinkedIn support can be a first step.  Regularly updating these and leveraging them to build trust will go along way and make years 6 a little more likely.

Real Estate sales are hard but to those that spend time planning, goal setting and building relationships it can be as rewarding as any career.  Now work your plan to get the Branding, Teaching and Trust in place.