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Curt Whitesell

I like to read and write and I regularly take it out on my clients and prospects.  But I do it with consideration and intention.  My blog should do several positive things not only for my Real Estate business but my personal brand.  Below I will break that down as efficiently as a snowed in Realtor can do.

1.  I want you to like and relate to me.  By blogging  I try to share a little bit about me personally and how I might be nice to work with.  By writing my own blog and creating original content, it shows my human side and makes me someone that is hopefully easy to communicate with.

2.  Be Your Expert.  In my case I can share a lot of stories and experiences that can make a transaction run smoother or advise a client on their next step.  But people do not just assume that all the time.  Many people want to see what a Realtor knows and a blog is a fantastic place to start.  Showing a keen since of not only the Real Estate market but your specific area trends is a first step to be an expert.  Buyers and sellers also want to be able to share what their Amazing Realtor knows and this is a very sharable platform.  Writing original content and not just reposting is clutch here and the extra effort is surely rewarded.

3.  Look At ME!  With Social Media and so many online ways to stay in front of your clients, this is a great tool to utilize.  Top of Mind is key in Real Estate because there is always another Realtor sitting next to your client with an outdated glossy business card to pass on.  Using a blog to not only share my information but broadcast my brand to as many people as possible has been the key to growing my business.

4.  My Website.  When I see a Broker or Realtor using any other blog site than their own website, it makes me cringe.  What a fantastic way to drive buyers and sellers to what I want them to see.  ME!  By using a branded blog readers are on your site and easily a click away from your listings, your profile and your convenient tools offered.  The page visits on my site increase by 4 or 5 when I blog directly from it.  When blogging from a 3rd party site, my page visits very rarely came from that lead.

So that is why I blog and hope other Realtors or Salespeople continue to provide readers like myself their expert take on all the really cool industries around.