Chasing listings in any Real Estate type can be a great way to maintain your business. “Listers Last” is not just a term made up, its actually a key to success. Take a minute to look at the agents killing it in your area and they will most likely have a large number of listings. Listings do a few things: Drive buyer leads, provide you a captive audience and gives you market presence. Without those you are hoping that your business comes from buyers only, that do not need to sell a house.

Steps to getting more listings:

1. Leave your house – I have never heard of a home owner stopping by a Brokers house asking them to please come sell their home.  Leave the house and hustle.

2. Be Social – Social Media, Networking and Hanging out with potential clients is the best way to meet sellers. People want to work with people and spending time connecting with them is how you bridge that relationship.   Take time weekly to find out where people are gathering and take on leadership roles.

3. Do something different – Putting a sign in the yard, taking pictures and adding your property to the MLS is what should happen on day 1. What do you honestly do thats different then the next broker to sell home? Honestly?! Sellers want to use the person that has a trick up their sleeve or puts more effort into the project then the next broker.  Day 2 is where the real work begins.

Real Estate is work and even though its part-time in a sense that you don’t sit at an office all day, its full-time strategizing and marketing. Gaining new listings and selling them successfully can and most likely will be the key to you having many years of success in Real Estate.  If you are having a hard time growing your listings business you may want to apply these tips to your daily routine.