Last night we had Josh Bleill speak at our Men of Grace group and he cleared it up pretty good.  “We all get a second chance and its what you do with it”.  That’s so true in our business lives and it’s exciting to apply that every day.  A couple of years ago I was let go from a job that I truly loved and was very good at but unfortunately I did not make the “family” cut.  Since that day I have walked out the door every morning excited to see what I can and will accomplish.  I go to bed each night reviewing and still excited for tomorrow and sometimes can’t wait to get out of bed.  And the one thing that I am always thankful for is the second chance it allowed me in the Real Estate world.  It gave me the opportunity to go out and become a self employed, entrepreneur, dreamer, business developer, mentor and so many other things along the way.  It has allowed me the chance to shape my own outcome and given me the power to change my own destiny.  It has allowed me to build a brand that is consistent with my own beliefs and passions and most importantly allowed me to be me.  This has been my second chance and something I never would have asked for but was given, and now its up to me to make something of it.  As much as I have anger for the situation I was dealt, I will always be grateful to them for giving me my second chance and allowing me to make each day better than the last. And it sure is alot more fun!