If you and your significant other are shopping for a home, there is no better way than to book a Sunday afternoon and do an open house tour. It takes the pressure off of your current broker, gives you a chance to check out a home with out feeling like there is any pressure from your broker, and gives you a chance to see how listing brokers make their homes sizzle.

Go online and check out what homes in your area and price range are being held open, even if they don’t “exactly” match up to our your specs. You would be amazed when I tell my clients to “give me your top 10”, then Narrow to top 5, how many times we pick one out of the top 10 list and not the top 5. You never know, those pictures we put out there to market these listings are what we think buyers would love to see. Not always the case.

So go to Realtor.com, create a profile, and check out the open houses directly in the area you are looking for. Guarantee you will have a blast, and make a brokers day. Happy open housing.