Grand Junction Implementation Plan Boom!

Oh Man!  Westfield Indiana is crazy to publish this Implementation Plan, but they are also pretty brave.  I see my share of griping and complaining about the future of Westfield and totally get both sides, to a degree.  Here is the deal.  If Westfield Indiana does not make plans, prepare and be pro-active they will be swallowed up by Noblesville, Zionsville and “Satan Himself” Carmel.  The world has to develop and why would you sit back and let it create you.  In my business I may follow trends and markets but I am what I am.  I know what I want to be and will not waiver from that.  Good for Westfield for not only standing strong but taking risk and creating what will be one of the coveted suburban cities in the United States.  Any naysayer would be blown away if they would visit the Grand Park.  A small business would be amazed at the local market in Grand Junction.  I am continually delighted at the spirit of local leaders and what will become of a quite sleepy Midwestern town.  But we can’t sit back and enjoy the masses.  We have to engage them and create spaces that make them stay, invest and grow locally.  Otherwise, you just become a bathroom exit and a Hardee’s stop.  We want visitors to come hang out and play, cruise into our downtown and enjoy and on Sunday afternoon take a great meal and relish in the fantastic City they just visited.  As a local community we want you to stay and guide, create new ideas and culture and share the community that has developed many generations before.  And if cared for properly will continue as so.  So in time you will begin to see the Grand Junction Plaza evolve and with some hard work and positive focus will support a creative and economically smart local market place for residents to enjoy and participate in.  This is OUR community and we can enjoy it.