Westfield the Bestfield

Amazing things have happened locally with the upcoming election on May 5th for just about every elected position in our City including Councilors and the Mayors coveted seat. The community is engaged more then ever and there is a buzz around town and table talk about the things that effect the City of Westfield. People are getting mad and shouting out for answers. People are celebrating hard work and defending their team. And some are even getting desperate, Desperate to have a spot at the top and make a name for themselves. And some are cool as ice, executing a plan and continuing a mission begun years ago and with no end in site. But working that plan. I said A PLAN! After I received a pretty offensive call today from a top candidate explaining to me the struggles I may experience locally when he wins without my support, it really pissed me off. It got my competitive juices flowing and the very strategies that make me a good business owner and driven professional come alive. How dare a Father, Candidate, Christian or Community Leader try to muscle their way into my mind and make a decision for me. I had never been backed into a corner like this from a “public servant” or felt pressure to protect my future from anyone that actually cares about others well being. I was being threatened to play along or pay.

I spent the day thinking of everything from a blog title, format and even came up with a couple of zingers as paybacks. But as the day wore on I realized this was exactly the thing that makes this guy so unappealing and what fuels a small group of displaced citizens to be so angry. I am not an angry person and general a nice guy looking out for others best interest. So in turn I have decided to write a Thank You letter for the parts of our community that make it shine and the people that work hard to dust it off each morning to make it a great day.

Thank you to the Candidates that started early with a strong positive message. These are the ones that have envisioned great things for our city for years and in turn have committed themselves to making things happen. They listened to their constituents and asked questions, doing research and putting in the hours to in turn devise a plan of success. They studied that plan and took it to a reality and have walked beside it and plan to see it to completion. These are the candidates I want to thank for running for office and keeping our best interest in mind every single day. And thank you for standing up for whats right and defending your past decisions. I want you as my candidates.

Thank you to the Citizens that volunteer their time to our community. You can go to so many city events and see droves of supporting neighbors just helping out and committing their time to their community. They are doing this without pay or without recognition. They are doing this on their Saturday or meeting in the evenings to plan. These are the people that are filling a huge void between and idea and an event that make this the destination for families to raise a family and for young professionals to begin their adult lives. I want you as my candidates.

Thank you to the Old Business Owners of Westfield for taking the early risk and planting their feet firm in a so-so town. Thank you for participating and sponsoring each and every event and hosting gatherings for the only reason of supporting your community. Thank you for creating jobs and improving the local landscape for so many others to enjoy and benefit from, when you could have hidden in your office and expecting others to do the dirty work. You committed long ago and are passionate about growing forever. I want you as my candidates.

Lastly, Thank you to the new businesses and organizations that are flocking to our City to setup shop and offer your services and products to a community in dire need of something other then another neighborhood. You have recognized Westfield as a destination City for the entire world and are putting your private money into our community as a reward for the Cities exciting investment. Thank you for being patient and staying the course as the City worked through legal and technical issues because you needed better roads or a 12 month business. Thank you to the National brands that will create new jobs, pay lots of taxes and support the demanding needs of undoubted growth. I want you as my candidates.

I could have easily put together a critical response with my pretty good one liners and pointing out the obvious faults of a simple few. I refuse to stoop to a level or desperation or vindication that no one should be proud of.  But, I am glad I have amazing leadership in place to continue to guide us into the future. I am glad we have citizens that really get involved and not hide behind a Facebook post and insult their way into fame. I am also glad that we have long standing business people that understand the eminent growth and possibilities risking years ago to be where it is going to be. And glad I get to have small little part in helping excited new business owners find a home and participate in a time that will determine how great Westfield can really be. We are the Bestfield!