Its a debate that has come, gone and come around again in Social Media for Realtors, but as small as it may seem it can be a pretty important topic to discuss. Where do I post what and how do I post there? Its not easy if you truly want great results on Facebook or other Social Media sites and it should be thought out more frequently as your business evolves. Realtors tend to have a Brokerage page that the company they work with manages, they have a business page that is branded to them and then they have a personal page that is just that, their personal stuff. None of them serves the same purpose and each should have their own content management rules and settings for posts. Below is a simple guide how to post to which page as a Realtor and maybe a little insight on why.

The Company Page: The company page should be treated as just that, the company page. Posts should be limited to professional information and general industry content. This is a place to share with followers your brand and product knowledge. The company page is not a place for agents to sell their specific properties and really not a place to show individual personality. Think of the company page as the billboard or print ad. It should not be anything but the ongoing company message and general branding.

The Business Page: This is probably the most difficult space for Realtors to work in because its them speaking directly to their business audience but needs to tell their story and bring their personality into the mix. I think its a great place to share company posts with personal messages, share activities and experiences that make them stand out and just be themselves from a professional standpoint. If done correctly, they will have more engagement on this page then the company page. But its still not the most important page.

The Personal Page: People want to work with people. Buying a house is not a straight forward business transaction and the majority of the time the Realtor is providing an experience that the clients are looking for from them. People want to have fun and enjoy what can be a long stressful process, so conveying that to them is most important. I always say that promoting yourself first, then what you do is how to grow your business. Sharing your listings with your own personal message or recognizing someone special throughout your day is a great way to build an audience and show people what they will experience when they work with you. Being human and personable is so important in our business and just doing posts on your personal page can go a long way.

I encourage Realtors to really think about the story and experience they are sharing. Its easy to be all over the place but with a bit of planning and strategy, your message will be loud and clear. As always, I am more then happy to help get you started with you social media campaign.