I attended Realtech2014 Real Estate technology convention last week and as usual it inspired me to research the presenters and panel of experts.  Even though so many of them have great success and make lots of money after reading about them they still hold true to several rules of Real Estate.  Not a single one of them are resting on their past accomplishments and never is it assumed they are getting the next deal.  They are all hustlers and know how to create opportunity so how can I not learn from them?  So how can a Realtor learn from them as well?  Prospecting and Follow Up is all they need to know.

Prospecting is the key to any salespersons success.  I decided to ask one of the presenters who happens to sell over $20 million in residential real estate per year to ask what prospecting to her was.  It was not the casual mention of profession or the weekly social media assault, but a regular and strategic effort to put her name and brand in front of the right potential clients every day.  She prospects hard and often.  Phone calls to rumored sellers, phone calls to past buyers, emails to out of town investors and best of all networking every single day.  The understanding that the funnel runs dry real fast in our business can be a lifesaver but also a benefit if you know how to react.  Most Realtors do not know how to create a client beyond a friend or relative and prospecting makes the general public your business.  Get out and prospect whether its through your neighbors, friends or online but do it and do it often.

Follow Up is the most difficult and easiest part of being a great Real Estate salesperson.  We never sell anything on the first conversation and the reality is we never sell anything but ourselves.  Therefore we are competing for someones attention at an unpredictable time of their life when they suddenly decide to list a house or buy a new one.  Being good at follow up is even more important than the prospect because its asking for the business.  When you call to talk about someones next real estate move, you are asking them to consider you their Realtor and that is where the “close” happens.  Everyone talks about their home dreams all the time but the agent that has prospected them, listened to them and follows up will get the business.

Selling real estate is a hard job but selling real estate services is even harder.  Becoming someones trusted Realtor for an extended time does not just happen and applying the prospecting and follow up to your business will mean success.