wkrpindy clean house springAs the snow melts and the temperatures become bearable again, we Realtors have homes sales on our mind.  Even over the last few months as transactions have picked up we are always looking for a better edge or leg up on the competition.  The most basic of strategies to accomplish this is to spruce up the exterior and make sure that first impression is the best impression.  So why don’t we get a jump start on spring and begin planning our improvements on the outside of your home for sale.  Be sure to also ask your listing agent a few localized improvements that seemed to attract buyers in your area.  Below is a short list but its a great start.  Happy Spring and Good Luck!


Nothing is more inviting then beautiful flowers and plants in front of your great house for sale.  Assuming you have flower beds, head down to the flower shop and pick up a tray of colorful flowers to plant in the ground.  They are inexpensive and will draw attention to your landscaping that they will want to enjoy.  Also, grab a Hyacinth plant or a preferred seasonal variety and get it in the ground.  Don’t forget to mulch and clean up those edges while you are at it.


While that front door was shut all winter many things called your entry home.  Get out front with a step ladder and clean.  Be sure to clear all corners and crevices of dirt and debris and even wipe out light fixtures.  One thing that can turn off a visitor is a dirty storm door and entry door.  Be sure to really dig in and clean them and don’t forget the jam, hinges and hardware.  Spending 45 minutes on this could be the different that gets you an offer from a potential buyer.


It is always disappointing when a property is for sale and the grass is less then desirable.  Depending on the age and conditions of your yard it is time well spent to be sure it adds value to a buyer.  Whether you hire a professional to treat your yard or you do it yourself, they can be a huge selling point for your home.  Fill bare spots and over seed to create that hardy look that makes a yard inviting.  Clean up the edges along sidewalks for that manicured look.  And as it warms up, water that baby.

Whether you are selling a small town home or large estate, a little effort goes along way.  And with every 3rd house for sale on the street, you must find ways to continually stand out from the crowd.  Have a great Spring!!