wkrp indy social media

The past couple of years Realtors have begun to use Social Media as a tool to grow business.  Unfortunately I can say from experience, not many understand what that means.  Do Realtors really understand the strength and weakness’ that come with using social media?  I think some do but the majority of Realtors that think they are using social media to grow business have no idea what they are doing.  So lets chat…

Which should I use?

The ones that put you in front of your target audience, that simple.  Facebook is an obvious and any other one that has a strong visual approach can be beneficial.  If your not going to take the time to learn how to use one, don’t start.  Twitter is tricky but awesome for ongoing dialogue and research, Pinterest can make clients drool if done well and anything that you have limited followers should be reconsidered.

What should I post?

Well I am not  your client but thats who I would target.  Social Media is not an On/Off function.  You have to always be thinking about what your target audience is looking to know and sell that to them.  They need to see you as the source for that and you need to always be engaging in that.  This is where many Realtors lose it because they are not willing to sit down and research what message works to make them the authority on their business.  My background in the Restaurant business taught me a couple of things and one of them was putting things in that restaurant that make people want to come back not once but over and over again.  When was the last time you saw Bud Ice on a tap?  Push what they want to buy and them teach them why you are the source for that.

Should I manage my own account?

Yes!  Asking for an expert to help you establish your system and strategy is ok, but asking someone else to sell you is never going to work.  And the main benefit of this medium is engagement.  You are kidding yourself if you think someone else is going to engage and actively communicate with your clients the way you would service them.  If you are not going to manage it, don’t use it.

How do I get followers?

Followers are earned.  We all know people that have thousands of followers on all of their accounts but that means nothing in Real Estate.  Consider your product.  You sell the largest expense for most people.  So your audience is people willing to spend most of their money.  That is not always attractive and should be considered when trying to grow.  Building your audience takes time and will do  so naturally as you become a source of good information to clients.  Certain buyers and sellers will never see me as an expert because my message may not target them but I do go after people that I think I can help.  Invite them, engage them and promote them.  This creates trust and camaraderie, which will be reward with their attention.  Now you have to keep it and get their followers to agree.

Where do I start?

Planning.  Make a list of target audiences and get pretty detailed.  Designate what niche or image you want to have and commit to it.  Chose 1 or 2 platforms and post everyday, something that may be attractive to that audience from your niche.  Then as the engagement and audience grows you will find it natural to want to share content that pops up throughout the day.  Then have fun with it.  After its all said and done people want to have fun and be entertained.  Show them your personal side and create a fun place for them to banter with you.  After that just see where it takes you and evolve with it organically.