I read a blog this morning posted about standing-out by Seth Godin. A bad-ass Realtor stands-out from all the other Realtors. Not a weird Realtor but one that does things a little different. In a time when we have a small demand and higher supply of agents and such a low barrier to entry, the competition is nuts. So below are a couple of things a Realtor that is different should be:

1. Fast Paced-No Bad-ass Realtor is slow to respond, not anxious or time oriented. If they are, FIRE them..

2. Screw the MLS-A Bad-ass Realtor knows of the best properties in their market that are off market. They can pick up the phone and find something if your serious, fast. If they can’t, FIRE them.

3. Social-A Bad-ass Realtor is highly engaged with lots of people. Ask around about them and their reputation. Do people have an interesting and positive response? If they don’t, FIRE them.

4. Specialty-A Bad-ass Realtor has a nice and if they don’t they will make one up. Ask them what they specialize in and why. If they start with the words Any, All or Surrounding Counties, FIRE them.. They are boring and uncreative.

5. Phone-A Bad-ass Realtor answers the phone or texts back. Test them. Drive by one of their listings or find a great one that they would love to sell. Shoot them a text asking about it or call their number. If they or a representative don’t respond quickly, FIRE them..

Standing out in Real Estate is a good thing and Real Estate agents are supposed to create an experience and get a reaction for buyers. Does yours?