wkrp indy business plan

Hey Realtors that can’t seem to figure out where their referrals went, its time to change lanes and get on the right path to selling again.  I am watching as Realtors look for easy lead generation and past client referrals but they may be coming at a slower pace then ever and as a matter of fact, might just go away.  The Real Estate world changed a while back and it will NEVER be the same.  The internet and social media sure changed the way we go about our business but I am baffled by how hard Realtors are finding it to adapt.  We are in the current norm and it will never be the old standard again.  Its time to get our act together now and here are a few tips to guide you.

Be an expert:  I don’t care if its an expert at bungalows in Broadripple or flood plane properties, but be an expert in something.  Anyone can find general information online and are glad to do so without the impression of a pushy Realtor giving their 2 cents.  Take the time and make an effort to be better then everyone else in some way or another and don’t fake it.  Study, analyze and practice what you are preaching.

Connect:  Networking will never go away and when you are dependent on a direct referral from someone else, you had better be meeting new people every single day.  Why would you ever sit at a desk thinking about your work?  Go to a cafe, bookstore, bar, public work space or community room and be present.  Think there and strike up conversations with other people.  You also need to create a regular form of online outbound marketing like a email campaign or follow up action.  These are easy and mail chimp or other products can do a nice job.

Have a Customer Service Plan:  Yes people like you and yes people want to refer you but how do you manage those accolades as well as negative feedback?  From the time you meet a prospect to years after a sale, you must be providing better then average customer service.  One of the only products we offer that sets us apart is our personal touch with a client looking to be treated well. Take it to the next level by sitting down and penning the step by step process you will use to ensure you never lose a client because your customer service was average or not great.

Learn to value a listing:  The listing of a home for sale is a tremendous responsibility and should be cared for with the highest regard.  A Realtors value drops real quick when they list a property just like everyone else by just putting it on the local MLS and sharing it on Facebook.  Listings are a Realtors gateway to huge success and returns because no one praises more then a seller of a home.  People know that putting their house up for sale can be a crap shoot but when they see your innovation and hustle end with a closing, you are a hero.  No questions asked that if you sell someones house for a price they can live with, you have done a great service for them, whether or not you really had any control over it.  But if they relate your marketing and efforts to get it done to that transaction, your a winner.  Its also a great place to do an Open House but that’s an entire other post.

Listen, I still see a lot of great value in a Realtor when buying or selling a home but I also have a great grasp on the reality that the internet and the highly educated public now has changed the way we approach the game.  We must have a plan and be always thinking of ways to change that relationship between a buyer, seller and Realtor.