When I first began selling residential Real Estate I was fascinated with finding the best way to show and tell my product for as inexpensive as possible.  After several years of fumbling through it all I am going back to the Local Newspaper and the magazine at the check out.  I will also be attaching flyer boxes to each of my listings and work diligently to keep them full.  I plan to hire a person on Thursdays to drive around and install Open House signs for all my weekend Open Houses which I will be holding from 9am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday each week.  And lastly, I am going to purchase the largest 3 ring binder I can get my hands on and print out colored listing sheets of all the exciting new properties currently being marketed, then share that with my clients.  I plan on being RICH!

Why you may ask…..well here is my explanation:

1.  People don’t enjoy high resolution exciting images:  While looking through social media buyers and seller don’t care about great pictures of amazing real estate.  They don’t want to enjoy what your passionate about through Facebook or Social Media.  And in no way do they see you as any type of expert when you stay current on trends and awesome design.

2.  Buyers and Sellers Know it All:  As someone decides to buy a house they don’t need referrals to lenders or inspection companies so wasting the space on your feed is just annoying and a turnoff.  When someone is selling a house they don’t get excited that you are marketing something other then a sign in the yard and that “There is no better time to buy” so stop trying to teach.

3.  Your buyers and sellers are not watching:  With only 80% of online adults using Facebook there is no point wasting your time.  Assuming that a large number of people are using a social media site on a regular basis is both arrogant and pretentious.  Learn to mail letters and stop by for coffee at prospective listings.  And consider becoming close friends with a potential client whether it be a family vacation or being in the same small group before you pursue a Real Estate relationship.

As you have read there is just not much incentive in creating an online and social media presence in todays Real Estate market.  Most buyers and sellers are looking for Realtors and properties through other forms of communication and there are so many better avenues to spend your valuable time.