I love a little time off and everyone deserves a break, so Saturdays as a residential Realtor can be tricky.  Many spouses are off and its sports time for the kids so making a go at your Real Estate business is a task on the weekends.  Here are a few of my suggestions that proved profitable on weekends and how to stay busy but not too busy.


1.  Start Early-Many sales executives that work a 9-5 during the week have an early morning routine.  Get up and read, write, study and plan.  This makes the time taken away from other activities more efficient and swifter.  Responding to emails and doing comparable’s for clients can be done at any hour so knock that out first thing.

2.  Hit the streets-Open Houses and market research are key to a new and great Realtor.  Weekends are prime time for going out into the market and learning from others moves.  What is listing, selling and how is something I found invaluable as I began my residential career.  Being familiar with neighborhoods was one of my strengths as a new agent and it was due to my weekend work in the market.

3.  Networking and connecting-Where are your future clients at?  Take the kids to the farmers market and football rally to be seen by potential clients.  Being public with the public is your job as a Realtor and staying visible can set you apart from the part-timer and unengaged.  Be able to strike up conversation about your market study and their particular neighborhood.  This will give you credibility to go along with your shining personality.

The key to Real Estate is being on the top of peoples mind when they are ready and having great market knowledge when they need it.  Weekends are a great time to put that strategy to good use and there are plenty of other less important days of the week to relax and hide from a hard weeks work.  Good luck!