The words that come to mind as I read Realtors blogs and reactions to the current market.  I know this may hurt someones feelings but being a Realtor today is tough but its not splitting atoms or chasing bad guys.  It is typically taking a client through the process of buying or selling a home.  Yes its the development of a relationship but its not personal.  Of course you feel under appreciated but who doesn’t?  Lets get over ourselves and stop griping about the fact that the internet has developed itself as one of the greatest sales tools and encourage the respect that so many other professions demand.  I don’t hear my Attorney friends speaking about the other lawyer that stoles his client.  And not often do other retail industries sulk over the amount of their information being available to their buyers.  No they have adapted to the way the market acts.  They spend their efforts creating an experience for a buyer or building a network to move merchandise.  Recently a discussion was started about a new television commercial that lends the Realtor App as a way for buyers to connect to sellers much quicker.  Who cares?  I sure don’t because if its not my listing and I am not affiliated enough for that buyer to call me in, I did not deserve the deal.  If I am the listing agent I could care less who talks to who and as a matter of fact, I have seen the ego of Realtors destroy a deal many times over compared to zero when a buyer and seller speak directly.  I also don’t care if you call on my released or expired or withdrawn listing.  Call them and give it a shot, may the best Realtor win.  If its a break and We are going back at it in the spring, they will tell you that.  If they were not happy with me, they will hire you or the next free market agent that calls.  But I am owed nothing and its embarrassing to watch Realtors who speak of themselves as professionals whining about these things.  Yes you work 80 hours a week, but name one successful person that doesn’t work hard.  We just need to get off of our entitled high horse and accept the fact that there is competition and life is not easy, but it is the same for every other profession and most of them don’t have a book of silly rules to “protect” them.  Now I have to get back to growing a sustainable business that someday can be sold for a profit without me crawling through the trenches one sale at a time.