You are a Realtor.  You are a small business owner.  You are making things happen.  But do you have your act together when it comes to selling, servicing and getting a deal done?  There are a few things that make bad ass Realtors different then just your everyday agent trying to sell a few houses and the good ones know this.  There are a few “Sins” that Realtors commit that make the bad agents stand way out and they are really easy to avoid.  The reason these sins are committed is typically oversight and laziness, but I will let you be the judge of how you fit into this equations.  I present you the Sins of a Real Estate Pro:

Bad Communication:  No excuse!  A Great agent is highly connected and accessible.  Here is the only way I see fit to not be accessible……Fax machine.  Thats right, if you can’t get a fax immediately I will forgive you because they are crap anyways.  You need to have on your phone Email, Social Media, Texting,  Bat Signal, phone calls and any other way a client may or may not reach you.  A dead battery or missing apps on your screen are a terrible and embarrassing  excuse.

Vacation:  Go! Rest! Everyone that is busy needs a break but that’s the hard part of small business.  We don’t get a “break” necessarily in Real Estate.  Going on vacation must be planned and covered at all times.  I pounce when I hear that another agent is not responding to calls and I see them on Facebook laying by a pool.  Big time Sin!  Have someone answering your calls and emails and all communications.  Then check them and respond accordingly, since this is the luxury of Real Estate.  You can work from anywhere if you hustle but if you ignore these calls you won’t be able to work anywhere.

Priorities:  Hurry! Respond!  Thats right more communication is needed.  Every client is a priority or you need to tell them otherwise.  There is a line out the door of Realtors that will treat your friend as if they are the first and last homebuyer on earth.  Be responsive and attentive at any level, but under no circumstance do you treat them as ranks or different then the others.  Pass them along and let them have the great experience they deserve.  You may even get their business again in the future.

Prepare:  Study! Research!  Don’t ever walk into a meeting unprepared.  The best agents always know a little more then necessary and are ready and willing to find the answers to hard questions.  Great agents use Data not Salesmanship to get listings and sales, but never holds back important info for advancement.  Not being prepared for a meeting is apparent the majority of the time and clients roll you right back in with all those shady Realtors before you.

Are you looking for a short career and wasting a lot of hard earned money, then jump into these Sins of a Real Estate Pro full speed and you might be surprised how quickly the phone stops ringing and deals begin to fall apart.