So, you wanna sell some land to developers? Buckle up!

Let’s face it, selling land isn’t your average garage sale. It’s a whole different ball game, especially when developers are involved. But hey, don’t sweat it! I’ve been in this game for 15 years, helping folks like you score sweet deals with the right buyers. So, grab a coffee and listen up, because I’m about to drop some knowledge bombs that’ll make your land sale smoother than a freshly paved driveway.

First things first: Know your buyer. Just because that new Starbucks popped up down the street doesn’t mean your farmland is about to become a mall. Understand who’s actually gonna want your slice of dirt. Zoning, traffic, infrastructure – these are the things that make developers drool, not a fancy paint job. Heck, I’ve seen farms with “Commercial Potential” signs sticking out like sore thumbs in the middle of nowhere. Ain’t nobody building condos there, honey! So, chat with your local zoning peeps, get a sense of the area’s development plans, and figure out who your buyer persona really is.

Next, ditch the residential realtor and find a land-savvy broker. Selling land to developers ain’t the same as hawking a starter home. You need someone who speaks developer, someone who knows the legal mumbo jumbo, the zoning lingo, and the secret handshake for good measure. This ain’t about granite countertops and open floor plans, it’s about easements, surveys, and infrastructure – the nitty-gritty that makes developers tick. Find a pro who gets it, and watch your listing go from “meh” to “money, money, money!”

Prepping your land? Think “preppers,” not princesses. Forget staging and fancy photoshoots. We’re talking surveys, baby! Get that land meticulously mapped out, warts and all. Transparency is key – it shows developers exactly what they’re getting and lets them plan like the pros they are. Plus, that survey helps you price things realistically, because let’s be honest, not every inch of your property is gonna be goldmine material. And while you’re at it, grab yourself a top-notch land attorney. This ain’t the time for your cousin Vinny – you need someone who’s seen it all, someone who can navigate the legalese and protect your interests like a mama bear with her cubs. Trust me, a few bucks for good legal counsel can save you a whole lot of heartache down the road.

Finally, chill out and embrace the waiting game. Selling land ain’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Closing deals can take years, not weeks. Don’t get discouraged if your “for sale” sign starts collecting cobwebs – remember, developers need things just right before they plunk down the big bucks. Zoning changes, infrastructure upgrades, market shifts – these can all impact the timeline. So, breathe easy, partner up with your trusty broker, and regularly re-evaluate your strategy. Is the price right? Has zoning progressed? Are there any new players in the game? Staying flexible and informed will keep you ahead of the curve and ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect offer.

Selling land to developers can be a rewarding experience, but it takes preparation, savvy, and a sprinkle of patience. Follow these tips, choose your partners wisely, and remember – knowledge is power! You got this!

So by offering a few tips on how to be ready to sell your land it should relieve you of many of the issues that arise otherwise. Taking the time to explore these details with your broker is important and if you have the right one they will have not only had experience in these terms but also have great guidance.  Being prepared primarily comes down to hiring the right help and working together with their marketing and your great property to find a buyer.  I can tell you first hand that nobody wants the wrong property and when a piece of land is ready the sale price can be much higher than expected for the right buyer.  Spend some time talking to brokers in your field and come up with the right plan to move forward.  You will appreciate that in the long run.

Curt has been in the Indianapolis Real Estate business for over 15 years and spent his first years learning all aspects of commercial management and brokerage.  He has had great success in managing existing commercial projects and new retail and office developments.  Curt specializes in building owner representation and purchases in the Westfield Indiana market as well throughout the Indianapolis Metro area.  Curt is passionate about growing the local Westfield community and in his free time  volunteers with Student Impact and raising 2 children with his wife Jennifer.