WE all have great intentions. “I’m gonna clean up all those leaves,”‘ I am gonna get the eaves cleaned,””I am painting this home inside and out” ‘I am going to sell my own home.” I have heard and seen this more than most lately. I can’t tell you how many for sale by owner clients I have ran into this late summer and fall.
“The market is hot, I can do this on my own.” Cool by me—list it, forsalebyowner.com, trulia.com, Zillow.com, those are the top 3, then what? Negotiate… you have the docs you need right? who’s your title company? What’s up with your bank? Who are your contractors? You know surveyors, you know appraisors? You know inspectors? Right? RIght?
Think you can take care of your biggest financial commitment on your own? Let us help you. We have tailored plans for whatever your needs are. Let us make your intentions, #intetdones #coinphrase