The turnovers and closings continue in Grand Junction aka Downtown Westfield Indiana.  That is the bad news.  The good news is we are turning a corner towards change and stability with a couple of additions and relocation’s   What I want to explore is the steps to helping your neighbor succeed and what we can do to be sure not only our business but the space next store stands the test of time.  Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Helping thy neighbor:

  • Visit their store-nothing says “I support you” like stopping in and introducing yourself.  Spend a little time and money to be sure they know who and what you are
  • Promote Your Neighbor-in the simple day of Social Media it takes no time to do a shout out or share of the business your new friend operates.  Post them to your pages and include them in a regular announcement.  You may be surprised your reach and the appreciation other business have for this
  • Pay Attention-does it seem like your neighbor is doing well or having a slow month?  ask them, and then either brag for them or brainstorm of ways to get that business back.  It amazes me at the ideas and suggestions colleagues have that continually grow my business
  • Give it 100%-we are in this together so be sincere and all-in with your business colleagues.  I have a circle of “partners” that I know that if needed they are there and we prosper from this small accountability.  Be there for someone and offer up your help.

Not Helping they neighbor:

  • Ignore Them-nothing says community less than not knowing what your business neighbor is up to.  Pay attention and keep lines of communication open
  • Follow The Leader-because they are closed that day of the week does not mean you have to be.  Because they are not involved in the market area does not mean you don’t have to be.  The only person truly responsible for your business success is you and you need to fight for this
  • Hide Inside-a place like Grand Junction is about community and interacting.  Hang out outside of your space whether its stepping out for a quick wave or a short walk down the street.  We want to know you and you should know us.  We are fun and so are you.  Come out and play!

Listen, I know how hard it is to start a business and I also know how hard it is to do all of the things that go along with it.  But it is what needs to be done today for success.  We don’t spend our time waiting for a sale because we can’t.  It breaks my heart when I meet a new entrepreneur that doesn’t have the drive or commitment to their great new venture.  In the end these can create wonderful lifestyles for us and generations to come so it’s worth a little effort and working to help each other.