I have been studying the proposed new government program which calls for special refinance exemptions for homeowners with low credit scores and it is not looking good.  Normally I would be all for a program that allowed for more borrowers and buyers but this one is off the charts.  Millions of people have had a hard couple of years and because of this the credit score has affected their ability to lower the interest rate on a home mortgage, but is this not just the way the world works?  People that have been fortunate or wise enough to stay out of trouble are now being punished and once again diluting their success by creating programs that make everyone as equal as possible.  Plain and simple, if you have bad credit you should not get a mortgage or at very least pay a higher interest rate.  And if you have good credit you should be offered better rates than others based on payment history.  I do not care about right or left on this topic but we have to stop thinking that the way to fix an economy is by creating false wealth and income through government backed housing programs.  The government will never make you rich or make you feel rich and we need to tell them to back off and let the markets drive the economy.