While the Residential side of real estate here in Westfield Indiana keeps pace and actually grows, the commercial is looking attractive as well. Being years away from any major commercial development we look for innovative ways to develop within our current inventory. We have also been able to condition a few residential properties into light commercial space. This is a good step. As we move forward with thousands of new homes our need for supporting services and small business will increase along side that demand. Westfield Indiana is poised to allow for the accountants, lawyers and IT pros to have a place to do business and keep it affordable. While the reality that many City of Westfield buildings will remain vacant and unpleasing to the eye, most property owners have done a great job setting a good example of ready space that is available. The good stuff leases!! We have a regular activity from outside brokers and business looking for a nice space to work. I encourage you to look around and take notice of the new businesses that have set up shop here.