I had the pleasure last week of hearing several colleagues dismissing potential prospects due to the time it was going to take to “get in”.  I love that challenge and made it a priority to make of list of these customers, connecting and having a one one one with them.  It is amazing to me the “most difficult” people are usually the easiest people to meet with and by far the most receptive.  The perception that people in business are not in need of making new relationships is absurd and false.  They need our relationship as much as we need theirs and they usually understand this far better in a veteran position than any.  The hardest part is working to ad value to them from your stand point and in my case I know that I can walk into most meetings and create a handful of valuable referrals for them.  In return they are surely going to work for you and try to do the same in return.  As a rule I meet with them early and keep it to one hour minimum.  Instead of giving them my list of wants, I focus on theirs and listen for points of interest.  I continue to refer back to this list and by the end of the meeting have narrowed it down to an important few.  By the end of that day I make those connections and follow up very soon after.  And within no time you have earned their trust and potentially great business partner.  Going into this with the intention of helping them first is a surefire way to leave on top!  Now go set those appointments and ask for the referral.