In the real estate world sometimes we get the impression that deals take a very long time and that urgency just doesn’t exist.  That’s a false statement.  The last 2 deals I have been involved in have each been negatively impacted with time.  I think over the past couple of years we have begun to believe that there are no buyers out there and that we have no competition but the exact opposite is true.  There are great buyers and a terrible shortage of well priced properties.  The properties that are marketed well with fair pricing and terms seem to fly off the shelves and to think that your buyer or company is the only one smart enough to discover this space is absurd.  One of the 2 deals that I am talking about we lost because another offer came in on an unlisted property, that had sat vacant for 2 years, at 25% more than asking price.  We had offered below asking price.  It was worth even more in a good market and we had an end user.  So a bad play ended with no deal and we went down the road.
I really think this is the thing I am always pressing, being good at what we do and being straight forward with clients.  If my client had taken my advice to make a good offer the first time they would be in the space, luckily we found them a different one.  And that is my fault for not presenting a better case for the property.  As listing agents we need to see the value in a good property and get the junk out of the way.
Bring your clients the right product at a good price and make a move.  Or your just in the way.
Its great to be continually learning and growing at what I love to do.